The Challenges with WeChat Marketing

Unlike the social media platforms, marketing on IMs like WeChat is a tad complex and difficult if you’re a rookie and are solely planning to depend on DIY steps. Having a good WeChat marketing agency by your side is rather essential for better (and quick) results. Given a personal medium, even the consumers here respond differently to the brands.

The biggest obstacle is finding the right target audience and then reaching out to them. Comparatively, a whole different communication (content) approach is required that not just aims to promote the brand or product but rather interact with the prospects on a more intimate level. The problem leads to low conversion rate, which eventually make the presence of the brands on these platforms quite irrelevant.

Overcoming the WeChat Marketing Challenges

If your business is new to the IM platforms, here are 5 simple solutions to overcome the initial challenges-

Segment your audience One of the easiest ways to understand your audience’s needs is to segment the market demographically. Instantly, things get clearer, as to what they want and what overall approach should you take-up for each.

Have a well planned content strategy After segmenting, build an impeccable content strategy. With what kind of content you’re going to communicate with the audience (text, videos, images), the kind of CTA (Call-To-Action) you’re going to offer and so forth, plan well on every little aspect.

Communicate consistently Communicating consistently (and effectively) is an ingredient to build a credible relation with the audience. So interact with your audience, ask questions, don’t leg go of any opportunity where you can initiate a conversation.

Don’t focus on the quantity of followers The low number of followers is a big motivation killer. So don’t focus much on that. Even with large number of followers conversion rate could be as go good as non-existent. Focus (enthusiastically) on whatever market reach your brand is enjoying.

Track your competitors A simple way to establish your brand on WeChat is walk on the footprints of successful competitors. What kind of strategy do they have, how they are interacting with their audience, their PPC campaigns and so forth.

Use these ways and overcome the challenges that WeChat marketing, or any IM platforms pose, easily. Or better, like mentioned already, dial a good WeChat marketing agency today.


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